Who we are

Botsmen Zone started in 2016, as an ordinary person who wanted to buy Transformers, but couldn’t find the Transformers or figures they wanted in their local community. We had an idea to start a store and also sell merchandise. The official business was founded in 2022, with a goal to expand the Transformers community within Australia, so collectors could have greater access to figures.


Our Missions is to be Australia’s number-one destination for Transformers & figure lovers. Botsmen Zone is a unique website, which gives collectors inclusive experiences with both us and the others that use the site, as it is supported by them.Its a platform where all collectors can look and shop, while enjoying the atmosphere with their figures and other collectors.

Our Goals

During the last two years, when Covid-19 started, many people had issues with shopping online. Many were working from home, and people were unable to go out, unable to live their daily lives and were stressed. Botsmen Zone’s goal is to provide a reliable platform for collectors to browse and purchase the items they want. The ultimate goal for Botsmen Zone is to make Australia one of the biggest toy capitals in the world. “I’ve grown up in Australia spent most of my life here, and been part of the community. I’d like to do my part in boosting the local economy and making Australia better.”

The Company

Botsmen Zone is a new company, that was founded in early 2022. Botsmen Zone is an online platform that represents you, the Collector. Playing at your desires, giving you the luxury to play without boundaries. The company has three core elements: RSP. Reliability, Service and Packaging. Each of these elements plays a major role in helping Botsmen Zone gain recognition, with the end goal of being a successful enterprise

About us

My name is Mr D. I’m the founder of Botsmen Zone. People usually call me Dan or the Transformer Guy. I was just an ordinary person that loved 1980s retro figures and toys, such as Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, TMNT, Samurai Pizza Cats, Gundam, Voltron, and especially Transformers. One day I decided that I wanted to bring and sell Transformers to the community and that’s what got me started. Selling Transformers has given me a lot of confidence, and has enabled me to meet new people and Transformers fans from around the world. I cherish my business and all the people I have already met. This gives me great personal satisfaction and a desire to continue with this business and strive for success.